Alianza Lit

Editorial Design
In all literatures the protagonist is the author whose portrait, on this occasion, becomes the cover feature in the whole series. This Alianza Editorial collection, whose first titles were published in February 2019 under the name Alianza Lit, is comprised of all literatures free from the barriers of gender, size or length.
Classical and contemporary, new and experienced authors in a proposal that aims to explore how much good is being written in the world and in the sphere of the Spanish language.
Estrada Design is the author not only of the graphics of this collection but also of each of the covers included in it.

Parinoush Saniee (Teherán, 1949). Escritora persa, prohibida en su país natal, más traducida y vendida del mundo. Su última novela es un homenaje, cargado de humanidad y de esperanza, al pueblo iraní.

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