Bikeway system, Las Rozas, Madrid/p>

Bicilínea is one of the pioneering projects geared towards creating a network of urban bike paths that can be recognised by the symbol of a person riding on two wheels.

Estrada Design designed Bicilínea’s Visual Identity, which covers the creation of the naming, the development of the logo and the project’s general graphics, including use of the image in all the signage, the mobile app and the design of the informative leaflet.

The project, directed at promoting the use of the bicycle as a safe method of mobility and fostering healthy habits, was an initiative of the Town Council of Las Rozas in Madrid.

Bicilínea is part of the Las Rozas smart green project, a project that seeks to place Las Rozas among the most advanced Smart City in Europe, applying new technologies to improve the quality of urban life and citizen participation.

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