The Public Works Journal

Publication design, art direction and layout

When we were commissioned with the new design of the Public Works Journal, published since 1992 by the Association of Civil Engineers, it was a surprise to discover that its publication had begun in 1853. In other words, it is one of the oldest journals in Spain. A fact that, on its own, shows the fundamental importance of Civil Engineering in the building and modernisation of Spain in the 19th and 20th centuries.

A masthead retrieved from the past

The Public Works Journal is one of the oldest journals in Spain. Founded in 1853, it is celebrating its 168th anniversary in 2021. It was essential to showcase once again the full name of the publication in the masthead, and to do it distinctly.

This number, displayed prominently in large figures in the masthead of the journal, is destined to become its symbol. Because it explains the tradition and continuity of the project.
And because it is associated with the technical vocation of Civil Engineering itself.

The Neue Swift font, designed
in 2009, has contemporary tendencies,
even though it maintains
the features of the classical
Roman serif typefaces.

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