Publication Design. Art Direction

Spanish food, acclaimed worldwide as part of the cultural heritage, is the common theme running through the brochures published by the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX) to promote our gastronomic offer in international markets. Estrada Design is tasked with their conception, design and art direction and it does so with a meticulous selection of the best foods and locations in Spain, seeking to exploit maximum expressiveness and visual quality through images, in partnership with some of the best photographers in Spain.

Con una cuidada selección de los mejores alimentos y rincones de España, buscando exprimir la máxima expresividad y calidad visual a través de las imágenes, con la colaboración de algunos de los mejores fotógrafos españoles.

The first of the brochures, Route Spain, offers us a tour of the most iconic locations in Spanish territory, with a selection of the most widely recognised products in our gastronomic offer. Four routes on which to savour the best of our country and which also check out the traditions of each region and invite travellers to take part in a unique cultural and culinary experience.

The second brochure, Spain’s Eleven, introduces a meticulous selection of the eleven gourmet products regarded as the best icons of our gastronomy. A unique guide where appearance and quality play a predominant role above all else.

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