Spain Gourmetour

A magazine to promote Spanish
cuisine across the globe

Published by the Institute of Foreign trade (ICEX), Spain Gourmetour was chosen by Cordon Bleu as the best food magazine in the world in 2011. Promoting Spanish food products worldwide, it has been published in German, English, French and Spanish and is widely acclaimed in the gastronomy and wine world.

Estrada Design won a bid organised by ICEX with its fresh, appealing proposal that offers a unique image of Spain and, since 2000, has been responsible for its design and art direction.

Spain Gourmetour shows Spain as a creative country, whose gastronomy is a world leader. The covers include works by Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Antonio Tápies and Miquel Barceló, to name but a few, coupled with stunning photographs of Spanish products.

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