Ingenio Journal
Editorial Design
Estrada Design is the designer of the Ingenio Journal, the publication of the Professional Association of Civil Engineers of Madrid, which takes meticulous care of both the contents and the graphics alike: interviews, reports and the Association’s activities. On the covers, there is a predominance of illustrations using spot colours in line with the Association’s identity.

The cover of this issue 42 of the magazine Ingenio, draws a friendly vision of mobility. An orderly traffic in which there does not appear to be carbon dioxide or haste, traffic fines or incival behaviour. Where more elements of public transport and more bicycles circulate than cars.

A landscape more born of the desire to improve the circulatory routes of our cities than a reflection of the urban reality itself.

A reality that has the colors of the Madrid demarcation of the College of Road Engineers and yet, this can be a good sign.

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