Spanish Pavilion
at Expo Zaragoza 2008
Brand identity, signage, architectural graphics,
corporate publications
Estrada Design is the mastermind behind the image and identity of the Spanish Pavilion at the International Exhibition of Zaragoza 2008, designed by Patxi Mangado. The studio also created its brand, architectural graphics and signage by deploying a large mural installation showing, via LED lighting, the word Agua (‘water’ in English) written in 78 different scripts representing almost 140 languages from around the world. The letters were used to create movements and typeface animations that simulated a variety of water-related visual elements.
The pavilion is structured around open ceramic pillars which, in the brand, are transformed into 2D, like a barcode of changing colours. In the same way, the graphics used in the restaurant and the store are based on this barcode script and are adapted specifically to each space. This identity system has been used throughout virtually the entire Pavilion, signalling exits, merchandising, information panels, etc.

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