Brand Identity and Wayfinding

Bibliometro is a programme run by the City Council of Madrid that consists in taking libraries to readers. For this purpose, new spaces were installed at the metro stations in Madrid that have the highest number of interchanges–Moncloa, Nuevos Ministerios, Príncipe Pío and Legazpi–, so that, on their way, the users of this method of transport would come across an advertising ploy that acts almost like a powerful magnet. In the very short time it has been in operation, thousands of library cards have been issued.

The corporate identity created by Estrada Design for Bibliometro comprises a comprehensive visual system, a logo, an identity programme and a signage and communication plan, ranging from the spine labels for covering the books to the posters pointing to the book kiosks. The studio also designed the graphics used in the kiosks themselves, an undulating structure shaped like the tilde on the letter ñ, designed by the Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos architecture studio.

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